Rain Barrel Installation in Chicago, IL - Four Season Pros
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Rain Barrel Installation

Fourseason Rain Barrel Installation

There is a lot that one can find out through the use of a rain barrel. These are barrels that collect rain draining from your gutters. These barrels are good for the environment as well as your wallet. Call Fourseason today and have yours installed. You will be able to capture the rain so you can accurately measure the accumulation as well as having water for your plants. You’ll really appreciate your barrel and its many uses. We are the experts that know exactly where to put them and how to use them accordingly.

Reasons to Collect Rainwater

A barrel built to collect rain is good for the environment. They help to ease the storm water overflow that tends to cause residential flooding problems. Rainwater collects to reduce tap water usage as it can be used to water plants and lawns.

Water Pressure

The amount of water pressure that you will accumulate in your barrel all depends. If you live in a higher elevation the water pressure will be at a much lower point. 2 to 3 PSI is a safe operating mode for a barrel.

Uses for Rain Barrels

• Filling ponds and fountains


• Watering household and outdoor plants


• Garden irrigation


• Cleaning outdoor component

Rain Barrel Installers

A Fourseason barrel made to collect rainwater can save your yard from drought. Our installers will make sure it is strategically placed in order for rainwater collection. You will be free to recycle rainwater back into your garden or lawn. This will keep it healthy.

Types of Rain Barrels

• Traditional drum style


• Flat back


• Collapsible


Barrels come in lots of different styles and designs. Whether they are used for rainwater collection or whatever else you use them for, Fourseason can provide you with them. We are able to tackle your irrigation problems.


There are lots of benefits to using a barrel cistern. You’ll find they are very handy when your county is suffering from a water ban. Water bans are usually placed on counties suffering from summer drought. Water usage is limited for daily activities such as cleaning the car, washing dishes, watering the flowers and others.

Insect Concerns

There are mosquito concerns for barrel cisterns. The problem can be resolved very easily by pouring a small dab of kerosene on top of the water. This will prevent your rainwater from becoming tainted.


Call in the Fourseaons Pro’s today and have your barrel set up by the pros. For many years we have been telling our customers the advantages of owning these barrels.