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    Building a house and maintaining it is very important. The need for maintaining several parts of a house arise as a result of different physical and chemical activities that affects the building. The roof is the first point of action, when we talk about various reactions. This is as a result of it’s position in a building. Building up of algae, mold, lichen and others on a roof reduces the life expectancy of the roof. Also oxidation of metallic roof also reduces the roof‘s life expectancy. As a result of this phenomenon which most times are natural and can’t be controlled, the process known as roof cleaning came into existence. To reduce the impact, the presence of algae, mold, moss on roof, various materials were used. A large variety of materials used for roof washing are chemicals. When the business of roof washing started, bleach was dissolved in water, and were mixed with some other chemicals and were used for the cleaning process. However, with the impact of technology and science, soft roof washing evolved.

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    Low Pressure Roof Washing

    The idea behind soft roof washing is that it does not involve the use of pressure, while carrying out its roof cleaning procedures. Soft roof cleaning was created to remove algae, moss on the roof. Algae, moss, mold accumulate on the roof as a result of a various reasons which range from biological, physical and others. However, their presence on the roof, reduces the roofing quality, affects the intensity of sunlight received by the roof and others. This shows that no matter how little they are on the roof; they have negative impacts on it. The process which soft washing uses in reducing their presence on the roof, is chemical in nature, this process might be considered like that of pest removal Because, algae, moss, mold can be considered as pest in this case. So instead of using pressure on the roof which sometimes can damage the roof (if it is done by an amateur), chemicals can be sprayed on the roof and the roof washing will be done. These solutions sprayed on the roofs contains chemicals that directly attack algae, moss and mold. An important use of soft roof washing is that it will eradicate any means that might want to support the growth of algae (plant) on the roof. The impact of soft roof washing on the roof lasts longer than any other roof cleaning techniques, because the chemical is able to flow into the pores, tight spaces which might not be possible for pressure washing.


    Soft roof washing has its own basic equipments that is used for this operation, it consists of a tank, a pump, hose and the spray gun. Although, there are other sophisticated equipment’s, which gives room for variety of solutions mixed. However, the normal tank sprayer consists of just basic parts. Soft washing deals with the algae and moss on the roof, and has little or no side effect on the roof..

    House Soft Washing

    Chicago House Exterior Washing

    Mold removal from the house using soft washing technology.


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