Purified Water Window Cleaning in Chicago, IL - Four Season Pros
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Purified Water Window Cleaning

Four Season Purified Water Window Cleaning Service

It may sound a little bit far-fetched to assume that only water can be used to clean without the utilization of any soap. If you need commercial or residential window cleaning service, then you are the right audience for our company. A quick answer to your needs is as follows: commercial window cleaning with purified water is done by scrubbing the window area with a wet brush to loosen dirt and then rinsed with highly purified de-ionized water. Once the frames are scrubbed with a wet brush and the purified water applied, it will leave no mark when it dries because it is purified water. A better way to position this method of window cleaning is to see it like 100 times the spot free rinse at the drive thru car wash.

What Technique do we Employ?

Water in its purest form does not contain dissolved total solids (TDS). Purified water is well known for being an excellent cleansing agent for many applications such as cleaning clothes and showering. Those of you who have children will more than likely have bathed their children in the purified water, and of course, mix baby formula in it as well.


Water free of pure minerals naturally wants to bind to minerals, dirt and organic matter. So when water passes through carbon filters, sediment, and RO filters, then to DI resin, it is almost as good as rainwater in purity (minerals and some chemicals that have been removed from the water).


How do We Deliver Purified Water Window Cleaning Service?


At Fourseason.pro, we use the ideal system for commercial window cleaning services. However, our delivery system varies depending on the buildings that we serve. We use portable water tanks that transport as little as 10 gallons, or up to 100 gallons, which are pumped to the WFP to the window around the United States. Small businesses where most of their customers are those with restricted access (such as in the back of a house) use trolleys or backpacks to move a small container and a pumping unit.


What determines the type of configuration, or which system to use in your property, depends on the application for which it is to be used. For instance;


There are many buildings where it is not uncommon for access to be restricted because of the nature of the structure of the building takes, or the proximity of neighboring buildings prevents access to elevators or to scale. Although there are buildings that might have systems in place that window cleaners can get off the roof, but for some reason, it is not possible, or the loops need to be corrected and the likes. In most buildings, this method is the safest and most cost-effective way to clean windows in the building.


That does not mean it’s a magic wand by any means! Here are some factors that prevent this method from being effective:


• No access to water
• The glass has an accumulation of oil
• Decorative architecture (eyebrows, outcrops, protrusion, etc.) that prevents access
• More than 30 feet in height at the highest elevation


How will our commercial window cleaning service save you some money?


Commercial window cleaning industry prices inflate due to risk, the higher the risk, the higher the price, because the risk money is then applied. Also, hiring high lifts and using traditional window cleaning techniques that exceed 50% or 60% more considerably inflates prices. Because there is no risk and no high-access equipment is required, we can transfer these savings to our customers.

Purified Water Window Cleaning Services Price

Each project estimates individually.