Concrete And Paver Sealing in Chicago, IL - Four Season Pros
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Concrete And Paver Sealing

Fourseason Concrete and Paver Sealing

Concrete driveway services include a thorough power washing to remove dirt, mold, and mildew. We also offer the option of a sealant application to waterproof concrete driveways or brick/concrete patios. The chemicals we use are non-toxic and care is taken to protect surrounding vegetation from the power washing process.  Cleaning and sealing should both be done roughly every two years, depending on exposure to the elements.


Stamped concrete and brick patios should also be washed and sealed on a regular basis. For these structures, homeowners have a choice of two products: a matte finish which dries perfectly clear, or a glossy “wet” look for a more stunning look. In either case, treatments should be done every two years to minimize cracking caused by freeze/thaw cycles.

Concrete Paver Sealing

To protect your expensive concrete pavers from staining and enhance the natural color and appearance, we use either and water based enhancer or oil based wet look sealer with the joint stabilization technology.  Our sealers create a satin look by enhancing the natural color of brick pavers.  Our professional grade paver sealers are designed to soak into the paver, its joints and create a wet look that enhances the natural color of the pavers.  Our Paver Sealer creates a surface barrier against stains and many other contaminants that are easy to clean.  Simply wash dirt and stains off the surface with a spray nozzle.  Fourseason sealing process also protects against the sun’s UV rays, which fade and dull the appearance of pavers over time.




– Will Enhance the color of your pavers with a rich look


– Helps prevent fading from harmful UV rays


– Protects against oil, water dirt and reduces moss growth


– Makes surface easier to clean


Concrete pavers will not stay perfect forever, especially if it is subjected to the outdoor weather and variety of other elements. Outdoor surfaces such as decorative concrete pavers take special requirements for care. Over time, landscape pavers will shift and settle causing the surface to become unstable and loose. A nonlevel surface can hold water speeding up the deterioration process.


Fixing or repairing concrete pavers can be a tedious task, even for the do-it-yourself, homeowner. The right tools and experience can determine the quality of the job and how long the pavers will stay put. Having paver repairs done right the first time is the key to restoring your paver surfaces.


Fourseason offers paver repair services to help ease your mind. We know that neglecting paver problems will only make them worse and possibly result in complete paver replacement.


As an experienced paver repair contractor, we offer paver repairing such as lifting settled areas, replacing broken pavers, replacing the black plastic edging once it has risen up from frost heaving among other services. If you don’t see the brick pavers repair service you need, give us a call and we’ll see if we can help.