Window cleaning, Gutter Cleaning-Repair, Pressure Washing, Deck Restoration
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  • Windows Washing

  • Count In/Out Outside Only
    1-15 $160 $100
    16-25 $180 $120
    26-35 $220 $160
    36-45 $260 $200
    46-60 $300 $220
    61-80 $340 $240
    81-100 $380 $300
    101-125 $420 $320
    126-150 $500 $400
    151-175 $620 $500

Our Guarantee: We are confident you will be pleased with your professional window washing service. However, if you are not completely satisfied, call us with 3 days of service date and we will either rectify the issue. No complains accepted after 3 days left!

Professional and polite washers. No mess inside or out. All equipment supplied.


Additional Charges


* Window wells 10-30$.

*Each window track 5$.

*Each Window frame 5$.

*Storm window $5 each.

*Skylights $10-60 each in/out.

*Picture window $10-40 in/out.

*Special windows 10-80$ in/out.

*Hard water removal from 10$ each.

*Screens $3 each washed, $2 brushed.

*Screen repair from 15$ depends on size.

*Usage of 32 inch ladder 30$ extra charge.

*Bars removal and installation 0.50$ each.

*French window $4-6 extra per window or counts as 2-4 regular windows.

*Moving furniture is subject for extra charges (depends on size and count).

*Sills free

  • House Power Washing Prices


    House Type One Side Two Sides Three Sides Four Sides
    One Story $100 $160 $220 $290
    Two Story $140 $230 $300 $380
    Three Story $180 $320 $400 $500

Additional power washing services


Patio power washing from 150$.

Driveway power washing from 200$.

Sidewalk power washing from 100$.

Staircase power washing from 150$.

Roof power washing from 300$.

Because your home′s siding is exposed to the elements, it gathers dirt, mold, and mildew.

Our professionally trained technicians can make your siding look new again.

We wash aluminum and vinyl siding, brick, stucco, wood siding.


Additional Charges


*Moving furniture is subject for extra charges (depends on size and count).

Deck Restoration And Staining

Call for estimate.


  • Gutter Cleaning Prices

  • House Type Price**
    1 story house $100* and up
    2 story house $140* and up
    3 story house $220* and up

Additional Charges


*Usage of 32 inch ladder 30$ extra charge

*Remove Debris From The Roof – extra charge.

*Flushing Downspouts & Roof Cleaning – extra charge.

*included up to 6 downspouts. Additional downspout 5$.

*To Remove Garbage From The Premises – $5 per bag.

*Detached garage gutters $25 to $80 depending on size.

** Buildings up to 3000 Sq ft. Every additional 500 sq ft we charge 20$.

*We charge $30 to $80 extra for cleaning gutters with gutter covers (screens).

***All gutter cleaning jobs come with 10 day warranty. No complains accepted after 10 day left!



If you live in a wooded area or have large trees surrounding your house consider installing gutter guards, instead of cleaning gutters every other month. Below are the pictures of gutter guards that we recommend and install. In more than twelve years of installing gutter guards we find that these guards perform better, are easy to maintain and cost much less to install than similar products.


Plastic Gards with Mesh

Our recommend product keeps leaves and debris out of gutters. It is made of a high quality, rigid PVC and fits any K style aluminum, steel or plastic gutters. This snap-in gutter guard has a mesh filter bonded to the plastic. The filter is designed to keep smallest debris out of the gutter, helping to eliminate clogs. Also, it will not collapse under debris. This guard installs by snapping on to front edge of the gutter and comes in two different colors, dark brown and white.

Price installed: $3.00/foot

plastic gutter guard

Aluminum Micro Mesh Gutter Guards

The Micro Mesh Gutter Guard’s convex screen design readily sheds debris; this critical design feature sustains performance and keeps gutters free flowing.

It is made from durable aluminum material and coated with an industrial paint system to preserve the finish. Micro Mesh Gutter Guard meets the demand of every contractor and building owner.

Price installed: $4.00/foot

aluminum gutter guard

Downspout Screen

Downspout cap prevents clogged downspouts and drainpipes. Fits both square and round downspouts. We highly recommend these caps if your downspouts connect to underground draining system.

Price installed: $15.00/piece

downspot guard
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